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Throne and Liberty Closed Beta Event Schedule

Throne and Liberty Closed Beta Event Schedule

Alcast 2 months ago

The Throne and Liberty Closed Beta Test runs from April 10 to April 17. All info can be found on the Throne and Liberty CBT Steam Profile Post.

Please view the Interactive Map for Throne and Liberty to navigate the world easily.

Event Schedule:

  • April 10: Test opens (8pm UTC), no scheduled event. Players should begin exploring Solisium.
  • April 11: Field Boss Morokai (19:00) - 7:00PM
  • April 12: King Excavator-9 Riftstone (20:00) - 8:00PM
  • April 13: Arch Boss Tevent (Peace) (19:00) - 7:00PM
  • April 14: Castle Siege 1 (19:00) - 7:00PM
  • April 15: Tax Delivery (22:00) - 10:00PM
  • April 16: Castle Siege 2 (19:00) - 7:00PM
  • April 17: Closing Ceremony – 1 hour before server shutdown.

Closed Beta Test Focus

Player Progression & Leveling Experience

The Closed Beta includes important adjustments to player progression, and we’re excited to hear feedback from players on these adjustments. For the first few days of the test, players will be able to explore Solisium and experience these adjustments. The level cap from the Technical Test has been removed for players to progress freely into different parts of the game. Towards the end of the test, we will provide help to players allowing them to experience all forms of content. This will allow players to explore the early-mid game, and also begin participating in end-game content throughout their journey in the Closed Beta.


The in-game Auction House and Store will also be enabled in this test, allowing players to list and purchase listed items, interact with the economy, and test certain store items. All players will be granted with Lucent, a premium in-game currency, with an initial deposit and periodic refreshes to try out these systems and provide feedback. All Lucent and in-game purchases will expire at the end of the test.

Combat & Events

The Closed Beta test also features improvements to combat. Throughout the Closed Beta we have planned a calendar of events to run, allowing players to experience different types of combat and activities. Prime-time events will occur at the time listed below at each region’s local server time.

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