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Welcome to the Throne and Liberty Builds overview page. You can view all community builds on this page. Please visit the Throne and Liberty Build Editor to create your own builds.

One of the more important aspects of your build in Throne and Liberty will be which weapons you decide to use. You'll be able to equip two weapons at a time and swap between them at will. 

The weapons you have equipped effectively decide your "class" in the game, as they will change which abilities you have access to - there are no predefined classes in the game chosen in character creation like in many other MMOs, and therefore your chosen weapons will be very influential in determining the kinds of tasks or roles that your character is most specialized at performing. 

Throne and Liberty Builds
Throne and Liberty Builds

How Throne and Liberty Builds Work

Throne and Liberty Builds always have two weapons equipped. You first select your main weapon and afterwards your secondary weapon. For example, we select a Longbow and a Dagger. Now you might think these two don't match well together, but they do! Longbow is our main weapon with which we deal most of the damage and can also hit enemies from afar. The Daggers are mostly equipped because of the juicy passives they give us. Because the off-hand weapon passives are also active while you are dealing damage with your Longbow.

Daggers have a lot of passives that increase our Crit Chance and Crit Damage. That means with this setup we benefit from the high damage and range from the Longbow and we hit even harder thanks to the great passives of the Dagger weapon. Additionally, Daggers also have a good Stealth skill that we can always use to turn invisible when we drop to low health or when you are in a pvp zone and want to get away from someone. 

Longbow and Crossbow also match greatly together for a build because both weapons are ranged. In the end you always need to think about what main weapon do you want and what passives you want for your build.

Additionally, you also need to find equipment for your Throne and Liberty Build. This becomes much more important after you hit the maximum level. While leveling up you can pretty much equip whatever you find but don't worry too much about it. At maximum level you want to start doing dungeons to get some high-level gear with good traits and skills. Weapons can also unlock certain skills for you. 

Skill Growth Priority is also something to think about. At the start Growth Stones will be rare, therefore it is important to level up the good skills first and not waste any Growth Stones on skills you don't need right now. Most builds will have a Skill Growth Priority list. 

While you are playing with a weapon, you will also level up the Mastery Tree for it. The Mastery Tree is also important for your Throne and Liberty Build, this allows you to gain additional bonuses for your character to become even more powerful. Both equipped weapons will get Mastery EXP, but the secondary weapon only gains half of what the main weapon gets. You can find the Weapon Mastery trees on the Throne and Liberty Weapon Type Showcase page. One thing to note here is that you will only benefit from the perks of the weapon you have currently active in combat. That means you won't benefit from the secondary weapon Mastery Tree perks while you are on your primary weapon.