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Throne and Liberty Tooltips for Wordpress Websites

You can use our WordPress Plugin to showcase Throne and Liberty Tooltips on your website. This only works on WordPress websites. 

Wordpress Plugin: Tooltips by Gameslantern

The example below is from a Greatsword Dagger Build for Throne and Liberty. Simply hover over one of the text links or the icons for the tooltip to pop up. 

Throne and Liberty Tooltips on a WordPress site
Throne and Liberty Tooltips on a WordPress site

How does it work?

Simply take one of the URLs on and add a hyperlink to your text or an image. If you have the Wordpress Plugin installed it will then proceed to show the tooltips.

In the example above we placed the URL of over an icon. We also did the same for the skill in slot 4 as a text variant.

Any URL with a tooltip on its page will work. 

For any questions please join our Gameslantern Discord.